LYFT Sticks

Pure, Potent, Discreet.

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Our Creed

Lyfted Extracts rises above the ashes of traditional smoking.

Our mission is to produce superior products with a promise to elevate and enrich the experience of modern day life. Every Lyfted product is formulated with a premium grade, pesticide-free cannabis.


Our products are made from premium grade, solvent free THC oil. We believe in transparency, and all our products are tested and proven to be one of the purest products on the market.


We have vetted and tested thousands of strains to bring you the most potent THC oils on the market. We never sacrifice the quality of products for profit or mass production.


We provide the most discreet product; From a nearly scent free vapor to a small and compact delivery system, take Lyfted with you on the go and enjoy discreetly.