Quick start

An easy guide to using our products


Getting Started

Your battery is factory charged

  1. Carefully screw in your cartridge
    2. Finger tighten just enough to make contact
  2. Click button 5 (five) times within 3 seconds to turn on
  3. Enjoy!


Charging your pen

Battery will last for approximately 300 recharges

  1. First time charging, please charge for 4 hours
  2. When light is RED, battery is charging
  3. When light flashes 20 times, then turns off, battery is full charged
  4. Unscrew cartridge
  5. Screw charger into battery with threaded end.
  6. Plug USB charger into USB or wall charger.
  7. DO NOT OVERCHARGE! Do not charge everyday.
  8. Each full charge will last an average 250 puffs.


Turning your pen off

  1. Click button 5 (five) times within 3 seconds to turn off.
    1. light will blink five times to confirm